Bone Grafting

Dental bone grafting is a minor surgical procedure that most people will never need with a healthy mouth. Unfortunately, anyone missing one or more teeth may likely end up needing a bone graft before dental implants can be done in order to support the new teeth. If you need bone grafting done in Medford, OR, call our office today.

What is Bone Grafting?

Whenever a tooth is removed from your jaw, a socket forms in the jaw bone. This socket is where the root of your tooth used to be. When the socket is left as it is in the mouth, the bone starts to deteriorate. When this occurs, existing teeth may shift around in the jaw or your facial appearance can begin to change. Bone grafting is simply a procedure that prompts your bone cells to rebuild after bone loss has occurred. A dental bone graft uses bone material to rebuild the jaw bone in a natural way.

Why is it Necessary?

The bone graft is necessary if you want to place a dental implant where the natural tooth had previously been. Once the jaw bone recedes too much, your implant surgeon no longer has any place to anchor the implant. By restoring the bone to the appropriate levels, we are able to help your jaw qualify for dental implants again. 

How is it Done?

Bone grafting material is placed where the socket is along your jawbone. Since your body is continually making new bone and removing old bone cells, the grafting material encourages new jaw bone to grow in this empty area. The process may take a few months to heal completely and support an implant again.

When is it Needed?

Bone grafting might be necessary if you have lost a tooth or had it extracted. The longer the time between losing a tooth and having an implant placed, the more likely a graft will be necessary. It can also be required if gum disease has caused the jaw bone to recede.

Bone grafting is just one of many techniques that can fix problems related to jaw bone. It is a minor and safe procedure that will help get you one step closer to your dental implants. Do you need a bone graft in Medford, OR, but still have questions? Call our office today to discuss your options. 

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