Single Tooth Implant and Bridges

Whether you have a failed root canal or several missing teeth, implants can be used to replace and restore gaps in your smile.

Full Mouth Implants

No teeth? Failed teeth? No problem! Implants provide patients with several full-mouth options to choose from.

Implant Dentures

Transform a floppy denture into a capable chewing machine! Eat what you WANT again!


Removing natural teeth in preparation for implants requires special attention and technique.

Bone Grafting

When teeth go away, bones goes away. Have you been missing teeth for an extended time? Does your bone need augmented for implants? We do that!

IV Sedation

Safety in our first priority. Don't let your mind and body stress out about dental treatment, we have IV sedation for that!

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Dr. Clark's Treatment Philosophy

Each patient presents with a unique set of circumstances. All circumstances must be taken into consideration to find the right treatment modality. In implant dentistry there is rarely a 'best' option. We don't believe in a generic treatment planning methodology. Each patient receives a custom-tailored treatment plan.

Our Brand Promise

We are 100% committed to you and your dental implant needs. We are industry experts in dental implant treatment. We promise to give:

- Open and Honest Treatment Planning

- Competitive Treatment Fees

- Our Full Attention and Focus to Every Step of Your Treatment

This is our brand promise to you. 


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Let's Get Started

Consults are 100% free. Schedule your complimentary 1-hour visit with Dr. Clark.